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Why does catering make people happy?

How many times have you started a relationship (be it professional or personal) through a cup of coffee or going out for lunch? Maybe a first date? A job meeting? Through food we can be ourselves and connect easier. That is because it is scientifically proven that food affects our mood. When you offer food to someone be via a corporate event or just to hang out you do so much more than just fill up their stomach; you make them feel valuable by showing them you care and helping eliminate their worries.

According to humanresourcesedu.org as a human resource professional your role is to foster a positive work environment through effective employee-employer relations. What a better and effortless way to accomplish this than through food itself! By bringing food to the office you make people happy and happy people equals more work done with exceptional results. But this doesn’t work with any type of food. There are many articles on how some types of food can affect your mood in a negative way. Poor nutrition can cause you mental illnesses like depression. That is why, when organizing an event for your company, it is important you offer your employees the right type of food and improve the office dynamic.

Now, why would Catering make people happy? Why should it be considered a service that offers the right type of food? The answer to that is simple: By ordering a catering service for your employees you give them more options of higher quality food. This type of food says so much more than if you came one day and gave free lollipops. It gives them a reason to want to come to work again. Not because there will be free food everyday but because they feel cared for. And as a human resource professional having your employees feeling that way is critical.

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