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The importance of food in a company’s culture

It seems that lately every office has an open space plan, everything is trendy and somewhat informal. The truth is that the new generation of employees are looking for more than a job, the culture of the company is what keeps them motivated and engaged. It is never easy to keep up with all these new “musts” for every employee in order to make them comfortable at work. It doesn't take allowing skateboards at the job or a petting zoo in the middle of the office to make your employees feel appreciated at work.

The main goal of having an awesome culture should be to promote the well-being of your employees. That means taking care of their comfort, happiness and health. Your employees personal matters and what they go through outside the office are not necessarily known. By our own personal experience we know that life always has its hardships so it's important that when they come to the office they have everything they need to be the most efficient at work.

While researching about companies with awesome cultures, we found they all had one thing in common: free food. Employees of Twitter receive free meals at their headquarters in San Francisco. At Warby Parker they organize different events and fun lunches. SquareSpace offers catered meals and stocked kitchens. Google offers free meals all day at their Chicago office. Facebook has a great variety of food to offer their employees.

By fulfilling their physiological needs: like feeding them, you will immediately help with their emotions and competence at work. But you don't solve this just by bringing them pizza one friday afternoon. People want change, innovation, stuff out of the ordinary. As we mentioned at the beginning it doesn't have to be fulfilled by bringing them a petting zoo. Don't just celebrate their important moments by bringing them a catering, surprise them with a lunch on a random day. Or even better change a bit the ambience of the office by bringing them an ice cream cart or having them receive their morning coffee one day by a Barista.

One way to start is by looking up www.banquetealo.com, a platform that connects you with the finest catering and food experiences in Puerto Rico, there you will find a great variety of experiences and catering service for your office. Start changing your companies culture one catering at a time!

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