Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be someone to

help me pick a catering



Our team of catering

experts that will do all the

ordering process for you.

Just go to Order Now in our

page to get started!


What menus do you



Our service providers have

different types of menu's,

cuisine types and dietary

menus. We will choose

the perfect one for you!


Who cleans up the

catering after the event?


Don't worry about

cleanup, our services

include a clean up of all

catering equipment free

of charge! That's how

much we love you.


How much does it cost?


The cost will vary

depending your order. We

only charge a service fee

of $15.


What else do you provide

aside from catering?

We provide different experiences for your event! If you are looking for a live cooking, food trucks, barista or even an ice cream cart, we have it all!

How do I pay my order?


You can pay online! We

will send you a link for

your to access and pay the



How long do I have to pay

my order?


The order must be paid

a few days before the

event so the caterer can

have all the supplies



Can someone serve my

meal order?


Yes! We can provide you

with on site servers. This

has an additional cost!


Can you provide alcohol

for my event?


Yes we can! Just

remember the order must

be made by an 18 or older

adult. Make sure you

specify what type of

alcoholic beverage you

want, and don't forget to

add wine glasses!


What are the different types of fees?

Aside from our service fee, if you like an order in the next three days or less we charge a rush fee  depending on the order complexity and proximity. Also if you cancel your order there will be applicable charges.